YES SHEEVA is unusual to say the least and THAT is what makes SHEEVA RUM both unique and desirable in today’s market of “LOOK A LIKES, CLONES and COPY CAT RUMS”. I will try and respond to the possible questions you might have here with a brief history as well.

SHEEVA RUM and more affectionately and named SHEEVAWOP RUM is the first of its kind to use a rice base. It still conforms to and contains other of the main ingredients of rum however it does NOT contain the MAINSTAY of all rums-“SUGAR CANE and MOLASSES” as it did not want to be a “RUN OF THE MILL COPY-CAT-RUM”. There is nothing in any of the journals of rum that we have read or researched that DEMANDS RUM TO MANUFACTURED a specific method or way over another so the CLASSIC “OLD STYLE AND TRADITIONAL” method has been done away with in SHHEVA RUM. Just because something has been “ACCEPTED” for hundreds of years does not make it “GOSPEL” SHEEVA RUM breaks the mold of the “ACCEPTED PRACTICES” of rum manufacturing.

The MIXOLOGIST who came up with the SHEEVAWOP RUM/SHEEVA RUM FORMULA which has been patented as RUM over 25-years ago owns two of the most popular Thai Clubs in Thailand and his name is SHEEVA hence the name and he is a great friend and partner. He has been in the Bar/Club business most all of his life and after opening his second Bar/Club some of his friends asked if he could come up with a DIFFERENT RUM…something made “OFF THE STANDARD CHARTS” and that was when the quest started it was tested over and over until perfected. SHEEVA was tested on both men and women to get the proper results desired – “A RUM THAT MIXES WITH LITERALLY ANYTHING AND IS ACCEPTED EQUALLY BY BOTH MEN AND WOMEN ALIKE”. The testing was always done at random to get candid maximum results and just as a sample and the results were recorded very extensively until the proper mix was achieved. When I say it mixes with anything it REALLY DOES and each time it is mixed it takes on a new flavor unique to what it mixes with and that is what women LOVE about SHEEVA...they can drink whatever juices or etc they want and not get the taste unless they go “STAND-ALONE” “SHEEVA IN A GLASS BY ITSELF” in which case SHEEVA RUM has its own unique flavor that is different from the “RUN-OF-THE-MILL” classic “COPY-CAT-RUMS” and this is the greatest selling feature of SHHEVAWOP-SHEEVA RUM. There are molds and old ways that need to be broken, retested and re-engineered and made different and just because 1-method has been accepted for thousands of years does not make it KING or THE GOSPEL or even THE BEST…..SHEEVA PUSHES THAT ENVELOPE! SHEEVA is unique, SHEEVA is different, and SHEEVA is a STAND ALONE RUM breaking the mold of TRADITIONAL RUM.

We have been asked about “ACCEPTED PRACTICES” such as recently by the EU….The EU did not design, manufacture or patent RUM and its ingredients therefore they truly have NO SAY SO in how a RUM is manufactured and what constitutes a PROPER ACCEPTED RUM or an accepted mixture and unless they have somebody with the proper credentials making these comments they should not be made at all! That is like telling ELON MUSK he cannot design and fly rockets because he designs cars and solar panels! The STANDARD ACCEPTED practices and molds are being broken every day and SHEEVA RUM is one of those “DARING TO BE DIFFERENT”! Our yield is a bit high at 40% volume however that can be adjusted either up or down accordingly to meet the needs of countries and governments.

SHEEVA RUM is not yet available in Aged Oak Barrels yet however that is coming as well as a darker blend called SHEEVA CLASSIC. We actually have been working on 3-new versions of SHEEVA RUM which will be coming in 2018-late or early 2019. We also have a full line of 19-different mixers made to go with anything these can even be mixed for children as a“HOT SUMMERS COOL DRINK but designed for SHEEVA RUM.

“WOP”……You might ask about the “WOP” designation. That takes on several meanings and any that anybody wishes to attach however here are ours: 1)- WOP-World Of Peace -(coined by Mr. Sheeva), 2)- White Over Proof, 3)- “Watch Out Poof”…..The last is because you can sit and drink SHEEVA all night at your table and not really “FEEL THE BUZZ” or feel affected and then when you get up “WOP” it hits you LIKE A TON OF BRICKS! But the designer is an “OLD SCHOOL GUY” hence “WOP-WORLD OF PEACE”. SHEEVAWOP-SHEEVA RUM.

To your last question: WHY YOU and how did we find you? We are now expanding OUT of Thailand into the real world. We have been selling in Thailand 20+ years exclusively and the surrounding small ASEAN countries on Thailand’s borders. We Have just recently been approved for sales in the USA –where it has been accepted as a RUM (a tough nut to crack with their rules and regulations and testing-FDA, COLA etc). We are now looking for WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTORS and in so doing I am searching the net High and Low for what I feel might be the best fit for OUR UNIQUENESS so I spend days and nights going up and down country after country looking at web-sites and reading descriptions of how people started what they do and seeing what the sell and represent. I feel the choices I make will better enhance OUR product and its EXCLUSIVE UNIQUENESS hence YOU! It seems that many WINE SELLERS also carry a select few SPECIALTY SPIRITS as well.

SHEEVA is unique, SHEEVA is different, and SHEEVA is a STAND ALONE RUM breaking the mold of TRADITIONAL RUM.



I hope I have shed some light onto the subject of “SHEEVA RUM” for you.